Flip Dining Table - Black - Xlarge 90.6 in (NY Warehouse Pickup Only)

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Product Overview

Jesper Stahl has solved a problem for many people with a shortage of space. Flip Table is a folding table that folds in three different sizes. Most tables folds once, Flip Table folds twice from the alongside and as a result, presents distinctive expressions. Flip Table goes from large, to medium and small. From 90 centimeters wide to 30, makes it attractive for compact living and useful as a dinner table for six, a workspace, or a display table. It can be used as a dining table for six, a desk when folded once, or a sculptural side table when folded twice. There are no loose parts; instead, the 14 hinges that adorn every side provide the solution.

Flip Table XL could be the ultimate size to demonstrate this 3 in 1 solution designed by Jesper Ståhl. One table that can adapt to many different uses. As a generous desk in the office, as a dining or conference table for several people, and as a sideboard when spaciousness is to be reinstalled.


  • The legs fold behind each other and part of the tabletop folds upwards while a side folds down, forming different surfaces which provide character and multiple uses
  • Folded twice into a sideboard
  • Adjustable graven plastic feet
  • Available in Black Painted

Designed By:

  • Jesper Stahl


  • Black stained oak veneered MDF or oak veneered MDF
  • Legs: Adjustable graven plastic feet.


  • XLarge: 90.6 in W x 35.4 in D x 28.8 in H
  • Weight: 125.7 lbs.