Flip Dining Table - Oak - 63 in

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Product Overview

Jesper Stahl has solved a problem for many people with a shortage of space. Flip Table is a folding table that folds in three different sizes. Most tables folds once, Flip Table folds twice from the alongside and as a result, presents distinctive expressions. Flip Table goes from large, to medium and small. From 90 centimeters wide to 30, makes it attractive for compact living and useful as a dinner table for six, a workspace, or a display table. It can be used as a dining table for six, a desk when folded once, or a sculptural side table when folded twice. There are no loose parts; instead, the 14 hinges that adorn every side provide the solution.

Flip Table XL could be the ultimate size to demonstrate this 3 in 1 solution designed by Jesper Ståhl. One table that can adapt to many different uses. As a generous desk in the office, as a dining or conference table for several people, and as a sideboard when spaciousness is to be reinstalled.

Flip Table XS is a versatile table where the folding presents different surfaces and expands the story. Just flip the vertical and horizontal sides and chose the right size for the occasion. Perfect for both small and large homes or offices where open space is needed. Fold it once and you have a workspace very well suited for your home office. The oak is treated with matte PU lacquering which will ensure the stains from your coffee mug will come off easy using just a damp cloth. Flip XS gives a neat but still robust impression. In its smallest size it allows for one person to move it around and use it wherever it´s needed. Just a beautiful piece of furniture filling its purpose in a hallway or as a side table in any room.


  • The legs fold behind each other and part of the tabletop folds upwards while a side folds down, forming different surfaces which provide character and multiple uses
  • Folded twice into a sideboard
  • Adjustable graven plastic feet
  • Available in Black Painted, Grey or Oak color
  • Availble in three sizes

Designed By:

  • Jesper Stahl


  • Black stained oak veneered MDF or oak veneered MDF
  • Legs: Adjustable graven plastic feet


  • Small: 63 in W x 35.4 in D x 28.8 in H
  • Weight: Small: 103.5 lbs.